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Operating in today’s workplace is filled with risk. That’s why Unify Employee works with you to reduce the liability associated with business operations, workers’ compensation, and employee-related issues. Our risk management assistance includes:
  • Pay-as-You-Go Coverage
  • Remit Premiums to Carrier
  • Risk and Safety Services
  • Audit Reporting
  • Year-End Audit Package
  • EPLI Coverage

Pay-as-You-Go Coverage

Unify Employee offers access to multiple “A”-rated workers’ compensation carriers. That means we can connect you to the best policy to meet your company’s needs. With this pay-as-you-go approach, premiums are based on your business’s actual processed payroll. This removes the weight of large deposits and annual audits. You also receive complete policy administration assistance and the guidance of our experienced Risk Management team.

Risk and Safety Services

In collaboration with our Loss Control team, your business will have the resources you need to promote a safety culture that helps avoid injuries and control expenses. We’ll help you evaluate safety risks and identify economic methods to reduce your company’s exposure to loss through safety and compliance training and continued education. To help with these efforts, we provide complimentary OSHA 10-hour training to educate your team.

Manage Workplace Safety and Compliance with Unify Employee

With our help, companies of all sizes and industries develop strong workplace safety policies and procedures to mitigate worksite risk while also maintaining compliance with local and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Unify Employee’s expertise with all aspects of risk management provides your company with the workplace safety best practices you need.

  • Reduce Risks Through Worksite Safety Programs
  • OSHA Compliance and Reporting