Employee Benefits
& Administration

    Let UNIFY improve your efficiency and
    help you focus on what you do best.

    Let us be your benefits consultant and navigate you through the constant changing marketplace. Whether offering Medical, Dental, Ancillaries, or Retirement, Unify will shoulder the burden of our clients’ benefits administration and allow you to focus on your operation.

    • Employee Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Ancillaries)
    • ACA Compliance & Reporting, 1094C/1095C
    • Benefits Admin & Enrollment System
    • COBRA Administration
    • Employee Self Service Portal
    • EDI Carrier Feeds & Remittance


    Our cloud based solution helps smooth out the complex task of managing your workforce benefits. Managing employee benefits has never been easier! We set up all your employee benefit plans, employer and employee contributions, then our solution drives enrollment and deductions throughout the system. In addition, we have the ability to electronically connect with insurance carriers to ensure all changes and life events are properly communicated to the carrier efficiently and on time with no administrative work required from you. The system’s benefits enrollment capabilities, including the cost benefit comparisons, make planning and decision-making easier for your employees making the overall employee enrollment process and better experience for everyone. And, our solution is fully integrated with Payroll, meaning, no deduction listing to manually enter for each employee after enrollment.


    Deliver your benefits data quickly and accurately to your insurance carriers!
    Ensure enrollment data and relevant updates get to your insurance carriers quickly, accurately, and without manual or redundant processes. We use the most advanced, customizable integration to communicate and verify employee benefits via an electronic data interchange (EDI) or digital enrollment form, ensuring the right insurance information is sent to your carriers on time. This feed includes information for open enrollment, life change events, new enrollments, address changes, terminations, and more. You’re able to connect instantly with insurance carriers to communicate data related to Health, Dental, Life, Vision, Disability, and other benefits; reducing the administration associated with managing your Sponsored Benefits Plans.


    Our automated ACA solution makes it easy to comply with your annual ACA Compliance Requirements. Fully integrated with our payroll, time & attendance and HR system, this solution reduces manual upkeep and allows you to assess your company compliance and make decisions more confidently. Our system calculates and monitors compliance on a monthly and annual basis, to help monitor your risk and potential liabilities.We process and mail your 1094 and employee 1095Cs; also providing your people the option of receiving an electronic form.


    Our Executive ACA Dashboard provides information on employee eligibility, measurement period status, enrollment, safe harbor wages, and pay rates. Our ACA Reporting provides a variety of affordability reports, look back period reporting, as well as measurement periods – all to help keep you in compliance and avoid IRS penalties. You will gain a centralized view into company’s entire ACA compliance status, a better understanding of patterns and ability to predict and plan for the future needs of your business.

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