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Modernize your payroll process and reduce your administrative headaches, including payroll tax filing, when you outsource those time-consuming tasks to Unify Employee. Headquartered in Doral, Florida, Unify Employee streamlines your payroll administration while alleviating the complexity of deductions, garnishments, tax filing, and reporting.

Get Time Back by Outsourcing Payroll

The list of tedious and complicated tasks involved with managing payroll can weigh down even the most efficient business owner. Add the complexities of accurate payroll tax withdrawals and timely IRS deposits and it’s likely that your time would be better spent building your business than crunching the numbers.

That’s why so many Florida businesses like yours turn to Unify Employee. Our payroll processing services provide an integrated employee management system for the best possible results. You will find peace of mind knowing these critical functions are in the hands of experts:

  • Direct Deposit
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Federal & State Tax Filing
  • Wage Garnishment Processing
  • Report Writer & Job Costing
  • W2 & 1099s
  • GL Reporting
  • Certified Payrolls
  • Job Costing

Keep Employees Satisfied with Convenient Options

Attract new talent and show you value your team members by providing comprehensive pay options with self-service access to vital information.

With Unify Employee your employees can elect to receive their pay by check, direct deposit, or pay card. Direct deposit and pay cards are a safer and less expensive way to pay your team and may eliminate the hassle of lost or damaged checks, reissuing new checks, and potential fraud.

Your team also benefits from the ability to initiate administrative actions themselves – all from their desktop or mobile device. Unify Employee’s self-service portal allows your employees to easily update their address, name, and dependent(s). The portal also provides access to view their pay statements, W-2s, update their tax information, enter account details for direct deposits, verify available PTO, and request time off.

Learn more about how our comprehensive payroll services can drive your employee satisfaction.


Give employees access to initiate administrative actions themselves – all from their desktop or mobile device. Our Employee Self Service portal allows your employees to make changes to ‘life events’ such as, marriage, moving, and the birth of a child. Employees may also view pay their pay statements, W-2s, update their W-4 tax information, enter account info for direct deposits, update emergency contacts, as well as verifying available PTO and initiating time off requests to their manager!

Experience Tax Management Expertise

When it comes to tax management, our goal is to put your mind at ease. Unify Employee ensures federal, state, and local taxes are calculated, withheld, and paid to the appropriate tax authorities on a timely basis. All quarterly and year-end filings are completed in compliance with the guidelines of the reporting agencies. We will prepare your year-end Forms W-2 and 1099, with the option for your employees to receive them by mail or electronically.

Whether your organization has one location, or you have a multi-state operation, we will grow and adapt with you to ensure new tax agencies are updated as they arise.

Take tax management off your plate with Unify Employee.

Wage Garnishment Processing

Partnering with Unify Employee means wage garnishment processing services are fully integrated with our IEM platform. Included with payroll processing, all court-ordered payments are fully automated and sent to the appropriate party, which reduces any additional administration on your part.

Government Contracts

Government contracts sometimes require additional payroll administration and reporting. Unify Employee can help. Our system can generate custom reports that may be required as part of your government contract. Requirements such as those of the Davis-Bacon Act, may include certified payrolls, special calculations, and reporting to stay compliant with minimum prevailing wage ordinance and fringe benefits. When you partner with us, we’ll help reduce the ongoing administration of creating and maintaining these reports.

Job Costing

Unify Employee’s software helps you track your labor costs and pay your employees across a limitless number of jobs, job locations, and projects, with an unlimited amount of labor levels. Whether it’s multiple job sites, varying pay rates, or ensuring blended overtime is accurate, our system will keep you compliant and organized.