Time & Labor

    Let UNIFY improve your efficiency and
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    Data Collection is critical to your payroll’s success. Our integrated Time and Attendance solution ensures accuracy and compliance while helping control your company labor costs. We’ll uncover your organizational needs with a variety of hardware options, from biometric clocks to mobile applications, and more!

    • Integrated Cloud Based Time & Attendance System
    • Web, Mobile, or Clock punch in/out
    • Standard & Biometric Clocks Offered
    • Clock Leasing Options
    • PTO Requests and Tracking System
    • Scheduler


    Streamline the way your capture employee time and reduce the hours spent processing your payroll. Our cloud based Time & Attendance system captures all of your hours for seamlines processing. Manage your employees’ attendance with our Scheduler, as well as their PTO and vacation requests… all within the same system.


    In today’s fast paced world, many employees are on the go and need to remotely capture their hours. Our Unify Mobile Application allows your team to easily log in their hours through their smart phones to ensure timely processing of their pay. It also provides employee access to their personal employment data as well, from check stubs and PTO accurrals.


    Reduce both the cost and liability associated with capturing your labor data. Unify offers a wide range of time clocks to meet the requirements of our clients. Whether captured by an employee ID or finger punch, both our standard and biometric clocks all accurately collect your employee labor for a seemless upload into our IEM software. Reducing the need for file export or redudant entry of your employee time.


    In today’s mobile-centric world, keeping track of employees can be tough; especially when they’re on the go, working at multiple sites, or clocking in remotely. Through Geofencing, verifying whether an employee clocked in on time and at the correct job site, is no longer an issue! Our Geofencing option uses reliable mapping data to create geographical boundaries, or ‘fences’ to ensure Time & Attendance accuracy. All processed through our Mobile App, your employees can clock in once they are within the job site boundary. Our Clients will then receive an alert that verifies whether a punch was made inside or outside the correct job site.

    Have multiple job sites or work locations? We can handle that! Simply set up multiple fences based on the longitude and latitude coordinates of your desired locations. Our system allow you to view, data at-a-glance through our dashboard, or on the employee time card page, showing instant visibility into the clock-in and clock-out locations of employees.

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